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Aggio Cat is a sphynx cattery, promoting this wonderful breed at international cat shows in the country and abroad. We do not breed or support breeding of designer varieties of the breed such as elf, dwelf or bambino.

Our goal are healthy, well-nurtured kittens with a great temperament, great type as close as possible to the standard of the breed, taking into account current trends.

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Our cats are an important part of our family. We are happy watching their development, each of them is loved and spoiled by us. This means that we do not sell them until we make sure that the potential sphynx parents and their cat's child are well-matched.

I sell cats with 5 generations FIFe pedigree. 

If you are looking for a beautiful, loving, charming, gentle, intelligent and healthy cat, you are in the right place!

We put a lot of work into ensuring that our kittens are healthy, well socialized, familiar with the noise in the home, accustomed to care and hygiene. They sleep with us, cuddle to us, participate in everyday life. The integrity of the breed, the health and well-being of our cats are of great importance to us.

The Aggio Cat*PL Cattery is registered in Elite Cat Club (FPL-FIFe) and PZF (WCF).

The Aggio Cat Cattery is registered in the District Veterinary Inspectorate in Warsaw under the identification number 146571112.


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